• Missing Link Technologies Ltd

    Specialized expertise in the planning, designing, and the implementation of its services.

Our Culture

Missing Link Technologies Ltd (MLT) has a dynamic and experienced workforce that is highly skilled and reliable. MLT has been developing a culture for several years centered on the development of customized solutions, using research and development at its core. MLT offers services that are personalized, professional, adaptable, and dependable.

The processes at MLT are fast and flexible, enabling the successful completion of projects on time and on budget. MLT has been using an agile approach, allowing for the assessment and reassessment of priorities for the client base, to meet their objectives, while reducing costs and delivering efficiently.

MLT has specialized expertise in the planning, designing, and the implementation of its services. MLT, a multicultural organization, employs a group of highly trained and experienced technical staff of technologists, computer specialists, and engineers. As well, MLT has several business consultants and a number of certified project managers. MLT knows how to overcome challenges, using customized innovative solutions. MLT’s strength lies in the passion, the expertise, and workforce excellence.

Our History

  • Founded in September 2001, originally with four employees (Paul Godbout as President, with Technical Resources: Doug McCluskey, Pierre Fournier, and Paul Franklin)
  • MLT delivered outside plant services to broadband clients
  • Added new inside plant services to broadband clients
  • Started to provide data analytic capabilities
  • Began engineering & design services for telecom equipment
  • The organization expanded, hired several resources including Charles Gervais as a Technologist
  • MLT initiated research and development activities
  • Hired Claude Morin as a database architect leading research and development
  • Started providing additional technical services to Multi System Operators (MSOs)
  • Developed facilities management solutions for data center operations with respect to optimize space usage, reduce power and cooling consumption requirements
  • Provided design and planning services for fibre optic technology
  • Started to provide predictive data analytic services
  • Charles Gervais named as General Manager
  • Began offering business consulting services and training including Project Management
  • Hired Daniel LeBlanc, the first Project Management Professional (PMP) for the organization
  • Started to provide specific services in IT facilities management
  • Began offering services in IT modular and reusable design and planning
  • Charles Gervais named as President
  • Started official research and development partnerships with local universities and government organizations
  • Began offering services and solutions to outside North America
  • Hosted MLT’s first public research and development exposition with the participation of the Premier of New Brunswick, Hon. Brian Gallant