Data Engine

MLT is working on a Big Data processing engine that will act as guidance system for Data Analysts. This engine’s function is to acquire, transform, store and expose normalized data sets from multiple sources. In addition, the data engine will use classical algorithms or advanced AI methodologies to serve as an interpretable model. This MLT project is supported by NRC-IRAP.


We are currently developing a robot meant to navigate through Datacenters in order to collect information. This robot uses sensors, photography, and other technologies to improve centralized record management. In essence, this indoor mapping device lowers auditing costs for datacenter operators. Research for this project was done in collaboration with UdeM and NBIF.

Image Recognition

Initially intended to be part of an automated asset management tool, this technology captivated enough interest to become a project of its own. The project’s aim is to capture real-time images inside datacenters and then use AI to recognize and audit equipment within the facility. MLT is partnering with SMU and NSERC for this innovative initiative.