Innovative, Efficient, and Customized Solutions

Missing Link Technologies Ltd (MLT), has been propelled into R&D to create new ventures in addressing challenges while driving the overall business strategy of the company.

MLT continues its growing tradition for business empathy by getting involved in many fields of the industry from the network engineering and design, to IT facilities management. As buzz words such as Big Data, M2M, and Performance Metrics were just beginning to emerge in the networking world, MLT was already creating its own “Facilities Management Solution”. The aim is to connect and monitor the client’s capacity and load via a centralized database and in turn, use the data to predict future needs, detect and flag poor performance, and become a platform for analyzing cost reduction initiatives. This solution has pushed MLT into further research and development portals such as software, predictive analytics, and complexity management.Throughout this time, MLT has continued to produce solid telecom design and specialized field work. It is the ability to sense behind the scene needs, our industry knowledge, and our enthusiasm for digging and finding innovative, efficient, and customized solutions that have truly fueled MLT’s engine.