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  Empowering our  
  clients, employees, & community  

to do more!

  From humble beginnings in a garage to a team of 50+ experts. 

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Our years in the telecom trenches have taught us

  We’ve been at it since before cable and internet bundles were even a thing.  
  So we know all about growing pains and the grit it takes to overcome them.  

  In those early days  

MLT was a group of friends ready to take over the world. “Yes” was the most common word in our vocabulary. Our tenacity to take on challenging projects is something that stuck with us throughout the years.

  We are unstoppable  

Our unstoppable team of experts are fierce defenders of quality. They know how important exceptional service is to you and your clients, and they’re ready to guide you through your chaos safely.

  Twenty years on  

We still act like a small business (we’ll never act our age!) Our founder understood that a successful company is built on people, trust, and positivity. Those principles continue today in the team of like-minded experts we’ve assembled.

  Sweat & Tears  

We invest our own sweat (and yes, sometimes tears)  into making your projects a success. We focus on planning, transparency, and communication so you never have to worry about being in the dark or missing a deadline.

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Based in Moncton, NB

  We’re a proudly New Brunswick company servicing clients across Canada.  
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A word from our chief chaos-eater


When I joined MLT, I noticed right away what a unique culture I was stepping into. I am grateful for the culture that was well-established by my predecessors and that our team enjoys and appreciates. The only thing flat about us is our company structure. We have a stellar team intensely committed to quality, service, and collaboration.

Since I’ve come on board, we’ve been continuing to build on what was already a strong foundation for growth. By recently shaking up our marketing and increasing our sales efforts, we’ve now set ourselves up for a surge in growth and innovation.

I am very proud of our team, who are natural leaders and passionate about what they do, and our ability to change and evolve while still maintaining our flat structure. Everyone is using their unique talents and skills to grow the business, and long-time team members are coaching our newer MLT’ers. I am excited to see where we’ll go from here.

We’re more focused than ever before, and we intend to become a recognized leader in our field and the New Brunswick business community. Our strategic, collaborative partnerships with other businesses have helped us grow over the years, and now we are ready to go to infinity and beyond.

  Thomas George  

  Missing Link Technologies, CEO. 
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We only swipe right
on people who share our values

  We surround ourselves with people who believe in working together to build a better world,  
  no matter what stands in the way.  

We value The 10 MLT Values

  because they enable us to make a difference for our clients, employees, and partners.  
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  Think you can  
eat chaos for breakfast?

If you love to collaborate, have a positive outlook, and are passionate about helping people then we might be a match!
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  We foster a network of partnerships  
to share opportunity

  Working together is in our DNA.  

Working together is in our DNA. From the internal collaboration between our departments to sitting down with client teams to ensure we’re hearing from all the relevant voices—we just can’t help ourselves! That’s why we’ve partnered with some amazing innovation leaders. If you’d like to become a strategic partner, we’d love to hear from you about how we can work together.

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Changing the worlD
  one project at a time.  

  At MLT, we strongly believe in giving back to the community. We partner with several local projects. 
  and charitable organizations in the Moncton area so we can make an impact in our local community.  
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