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   Data Expedition   

Find Your Data Starting Point

 A 2-week expedition to set your data initiatives in the right direction. 
Starting at $2500
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    The data expedition is for you if...    

You have access to the data you need, but not the results you want.

Your data initiatives are causing more issues than they are solving.

You lack the expertise needed to leverage your data and don’t know how or where to start.

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Find Out Where You Stand

You could be doing better or worse than you think. Allow our team of experts to give you data health check from an outside perspective. An objective look of your foundational data components, like data strategy, data management, data infrastructure and data analytics skills, that will locate your organisation’s starting point.

Learn what it's costing you

Get a sense of what the future could look like on your current trajectory. The impact of change can often seem abstract which is why we evaluate your current efforts against your desired business goals. We do this to give you a powerful and concrete contrast between what you could have versus what you will have.

Discover What's Possible

We know you need to see it to believe it. We’ll help you connect the dots between your biggest pain points and proven data solutions with examples of what we have seen and done in the past working with clients who faced similar challenges. We will help you understand how you can get the most out of your data so you can truly tackle the impossible.

Find Out Where to Start

What we recommend could span from initiatives involving machine learning, artificial intelligence or data mining to reporting and data management. Either way, you will know where to start. Our team will remove the complexity around whatever initiative you need and give a clear view of your next step: Your starting point.

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A client of the data expedition in the telecom industry was able to turn tribal knowledge into an accurate planning model for their Fiber to the Home roll-out

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Expeditions start as low as $2500
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 What is the Data Expedition? 

    A Three Step Process   


A workshop where we get down to business.

In this 1-to-2-hour session with your top decision makers, we are going to talk about data analytics from a business perspective. Typical attendants are C-level executives, senior management and/or business process owners. The goal of this leadership meeting is to align and prioritize on the issues that matter. The purpose here is not to figure everything out, but just to get a sense of direction.


A forum where we talk shop.

This forum is a 2-to-3-hour meeting of the minds! This is when, we meet your domain experts on-staff related to IT & Data, like IT Managers and Data Analytics Managers, along with the business process owners. By using the intelligence gathered in our business workshop, we will guide a discussion to understand how your data is currently being used and managed to serve your business processes. This session will help us identify the technical challenges and begin to connect the dots with proven data solutions.


The reveal of your starting point.

After 2 weeks, we conclude the expedition with a 1hr debrief session including all participants involved in the process. We reveal our findings and present our recommendations. This is where you will finally know where you stand, how much that is costing you, what is possible and where to start.

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We are helping companies set their data initiatives  in the right direction.

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