Job Description

Full-Stack Developer

Job Summary

As a developer, you will work on individually assigned tasks and collaboratively within a team; developing new modules as well as perform maintenance programming for existing applications.


You will also be responsible for planning, developing, and maintaining software applications. This includes the creation of plans for ensuring data consistency, definitions, security, and usability.


Core Competencies
  • Communication

  • Energy and Stress

  • Team Work

  • Quality Orientation

  • Problem Solving

  • Accountability and Dependability

  • Operating Equipment

  • Ethics and Integrity


Job Duties
  • Able to implement assigned work unit under the guidance of the Project Manager, Technical Lead or Software Architect.

  • Support and modify existing software applications.

  • Provide time estimates for assigned tasks to Project Manager

  • Write new and support existing unit tests. 

  • Be able to stay current with emerging trends, techniques, technology in the form of continuous self-learning.

  • Actively participate in team meetings and offer recommendations/new ideas/feedback.

  • Ability to do technical research and provide risk assessments.

  • Be able to work under timeline pressure and work overtime when required.

  • Be able to receive constructive critical feedback resulting from code reviews.

  • Ability to switch between assigned tasks (multitask) while maintaining the integrity of the work in progress. 

  • Conduct end-user requirement assessments to capture business processes and establish specifications for database construction

  • Provide support for development processes by participating in data modeling sessions and advising about database design or use of objects.


  • Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science or equivalent Certificate required

  • At least 5 years experience with web and server-side development

  • Database management experience a strong asset

  • Experience in AngularJS, REACT, JavaScript, HTML, CSS, C#, Python, MariaDB are strong assets

  • Good understanding of RESTful web service development.

  • Experience with SOLID Principles, design patterns, Object-Oriented Programming, and source code management

  • Strong understanding of using GIT LAB.

  • Good understanding of TDD principles.


Working Conditions
  • Manual dexterity is required to use desktop computers and peripherals.

  • Work is of a repetitive nature


Please forward resume to

Moncton, NB