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Careet Opportunities with MLT

Career Opportunities

Doing what we love, loving what we do

What makes us the best?

It’s our talented people

At MLT you will always be encouraged to develop your skills through continuous learning. We value flexibility, planning, and transparency when it comes to career paths. Our Leadership team will guide you on the road you choose until you find a spot where your passion truly shines. If you want to improve your technical or soft skills, we’ll help get you to where you want to go. We encourage our employees to train across multiple disciplines to allow for maximum flexibility.

You could say MLT is a unicorn in a field of horses! The environment MLT has created for its employees is truly magical!  Working here has helped me grow in many ways, both professionally and personally. I am very grateful to be part of this team & following my passion every day!

Josée Cormier
Graphic Designer, UX/UI

  • Josee Cormier - LinkedIn
Josee Cormier - Graphic Designer

When starting at MLT, culture was a major selling point. Everybody is treated with respected, and encouraged to learn, grow, and adapt to everyday challenges. It truly is a workplace that fosters both personal and professional development.

Trevor Frizzell

Software Implementation Manager

  • Trevor Frizzell
Milestone- Trevor_edited.jpg

 When I started at MLT, I immediately felt welcomed throughout the entire office. I get to work with top thought leaders who are willing to share and provide support at all levels. MLT puts a lot of emphasis on its people and strives to create a collaborative spirit and a sense of community among its workforces. 

Seema Shanbhogue

Human Resources

  • Seema Shanbhogue - LinkedIn
Seema Shanbhogue - Field Coordinator, MLT
Employee Testimonials

We’re not just another tech company...

At MLT, you’ll get one-on-one time with mentors, creating collaborative and positive working relationships

Telecom Career Opportunities

There are currently no other
career opportunities.

Check again at a later date
Telecom Career Opportunities
Telecom Career Opportunities
Software & Data Career Opportunities

Software & Data Career Opportunities

There are currently no other
career opportunities.

Check again at a later date

Job Seeker's Alert

At Missing Link Technologies (MLT), we prioritize recruiting candidates based on their merit and skills. We strictly prohibit any practices that involve asking for money from freshers or lateral hires.

MLT does not demand or accept any money from job seekers for any meeting, interview, or job selection process. Our hiring program is entirely managed by the company.

For lateral hiring, our appointed consultants will contact candidates after receiving and evaluating their CVs/resumes for suitability for the position. At no point in this process will they request any monetary transactions for scheduling an interview or offering a position in our company.

Please be cautious of fraudulent emails claiming to be from MLT that intend to commit monetary fraud by obtaining your confidential information. If you receive such emails, do not respond to them.
Anyone who engages with or falls victim to such fraudulent practices does so at their own risk. Missing Link Technologies Ltd. will not be held responsible for any loss or damage suffered by such persons, directly or indirectly.

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