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Software & Data Services

We'll help you unlock your potential with Software & Data

Software Solutions

Software Solutions 

We work with you as an extension of your company.


We adapt to your way of working and methodologies. We tailor scalable and extendable solutions that fit your goals and budget. From vision, design, testing, and implementation.

Software Solutions

System Integration

We understand the obstacles


System integration is essential to get more out of your systems, improving synergy during the process. Lucky for you, this is one of our specialties.

System Integration
System Integration
Cloud Architecture

Cloud Architecture

We all want to be on Cloud-9


Using Cloud Services is the easy part. Migrating to the Cloud can be a turbulent experience. We can help you to smooth the ride.

Data Advisory

We see the forest before the data trees


All things data is challenging for even the most mature organization. It is easy to get overwhelmed; not knowing how and where to start. Let us help you with a clear path.

Data Advisory
Cloud Architecture
Data Advisory
Predictive Modeling

Predictive Modeling 

When it comes to data, we think looking forward is as important as looking back.


With our predictive modeling, you won’t have to ask the Magic 8-Ball for advice! Our expert team will make sense of your data and create a predictive model to get your business running at peak performance.

Data Management

Make sense of your numbers & get a firm grip on your data


Get control of your data with the right data management tools to help you make informed decisions and propel your business forward.

Data Management
Predictive Modeling
Data Management
Fiber optics


At the core of Telecommunications, Software and Data


Imagine a place where you can process and get actionable insights across all your telecommunications data, workflows, and systems... Information at your fingertips, secure, 24/7, and automatically updated when new data is available. Welcome to the DataLink!

Partners & Clients

We believe in sharing our 20+ years’ worth of knowledge

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It's all about our people

Meet some of the MLT Software & Data Team

Rémi Gould, Data Analyst, MLT
Rémi Gould

Team Manager


  • Rémi Gould - LinkedIn
Sebastian Whalen, Software Technical Lead, MLT
Sebastian Whalen

Senior Developer

  • Sebastian Whalen - LinkedIn
Jennifer Potter, Business Analyst, MLT
Jennifer Potter

Delivery Manager

  • Jennifer Potter - LinkedIn
Trevor Frizzell, Software Implementation Manager, MLT
Trevor Frizzell

Implementation Manager

  • Trevor Frizzell - LinkedIn
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We believe in sharing our 20+ years worth of knowledge
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