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Case Studies

Telco Shelters: The Risks Tied to Lack of Monitoring

Telco Shelters: The Risks Tied to Lack of Monitoring

Case Study

Our clients own hundreds of these tower shelters that are housing their cell towers and IT equipment. These are dispersed in various locations throughout the country. There is currently no operational monitoring at those sites. There is therefore no way to know how well these sites are performing. Their energy consumption, the status of their backup generator, fuel levels, and potential intrusions are currently unknown. 

White Papers

Telco Shelters: Real-Time PUE/DCiE

Telco Shelters: Real-Time PUE/DCiE

White Paper

PUE has long been the KPI of choice for measuring power usage effectiveness in the ICT world. It represents the ratio of the overall power used by a facility over the power used by the ICT equipment itself. The portion above 1 of this ratio represents the power that is used in support of the ICT equipment such as cooling, security systems, and so on. 

Telco Shelters: A New Way of Using PUE

White Paper

In a recent white paper “Telco Shelters – Real-Time PUE”, it was observed that by measuring the phase currents of the utility power of a shelter, it is possible to determine when cooling units are on or off.

Telco Shelters: A New Way of Using PUE
Accelerate the Attachment Request Process

Accelerate the Attachment Request Process

White Paper

The accelerated deployment of FTTH and 5G networks are going to put a large demand on the existing infrastructure. That infrastructure is still comprised mostly of the extensive network of utility poles. 

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