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Advantages of having on-site resources for Network Planning

Since I have been posted in Ottawa, my experience working remotely for MLT has been great. I continuously work on building relationships with our clients and have learned to work more efficiently from home. I definitely miss seeing the Team at MLT every day, but we do continue to collaborate and communicate with weekly Skype calls. I have now seen first-hand the benefits of having a resource working so closely with clients. One of its main benefits is how it helps MLT improve the quality of the designs we deliver. Being on-site has given me a lot of hands-on experience that informs the designing and planning process.

Here are the advantages of an On-Site Technician:

Increase Accuracy in Documentation

In this industry, being on-site has its advantages. It gives us the opportunity to perform site surveys before any given project begins to ensure accuracy of documentation and to include quality designs for all deliverables.

Improved Communication

Documentation is one of the most challenging things to keep updated. Having on-site technicians ensures projects have been built as per design and encourages strong communication between the implementation and the design team. These aspects are very crucial in maintaining up-to-date documentation.

Tailored Cost Saving Solutions

Space and power are also incredibly important to be confirmed when designing equipment installs in CSP Headends. There are many factors and costs when it comes to space and power. Being on-site gives MLT the information needed to deliver solutions providing savings on costs, space and time for our clients.

John Jensen, Network Technical Lead Missing Link Technologies

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