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How MLT identifies cost-saving opportunities

Updated: May 6, 2021

If a project has a limited budget but requires tremendous amounts of labor, wouldn't it be ideal to work with partners who streamline the process and evaluate all aspects from planning to implementation to identify cost-saving opportunities? Here is how MLT exactly that for one of its clients.

Original Request

Equipment replacement initiative at 159 end-user sites and 9 client Data Centers.

  • Engineering design work

  • Project coordination / Project Management

  • Project Tracking and regular status updates with Project Stakeholders

  • Implementation work to replace equipment at all sites and data centers

  • Implementation Ticket Creation and Management for all sites and data centers

  • Provide as-built documentation and project sign-off

New Approach

MLT, with the approval of project stakeholders, has revised the scope and therefore the work effort required to complete this initiative. This tailored approach has helped significantly improve on savings, without impacting the quality of work.

Reduce design work required by using existing as-built information from past projects done by MLT.

Develop intelligent, condensed schedule, focusing on region-based sites. This lowers the amount of time spent per region.

  • Required approval from end-user and client Stakeholders

  • Pre-emptive backout process developed and signed-off by Stakeholders

  • Maintenance window work at client data centers, and completion of all work required at one specific data center in one night.

  • A condensed schedule significantly lowers the number of tickets required.

Revised testing methods

Based on our expertise and the equipment being replaced, we can eliminate some testing that was originally requested, as it would be redundant and would not change based on work being done.

Revised As-built process

Condense requirements from the field when completing equipment swap. Nothing from original as-builts would change, except light levels.

Reviewed and re-distributed project tasks/milestones based on past project experiences

  • Client and MLT to share Material Management workload in a way that makes sense for both parties.

  • Site sign-off process streamlined. MLT signs-off after the equipment is swapped and all further required action is handled by the client

Revised and developed detailed Risk and Mitigation plan based on past project experiences

Streamline project tracking methods by giving access to MLT’s project status report to all Stakeholders. Requires less meeting time. Ensures all parties are on the same page.

Resulted in a 30% reduction in project cost ($50,000)

Developing strong, strategic partnerships is one of MLT’s many strengths and values. MLT uses its collaborative approach and uses its extensive industry knowledge to find the most innovative approach to any large or small-scale project.

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