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Importance Of Requirements for SoftwareTesting

Why requirements are important?

Trying to do your job as a Software Tester is extremely difficult when you do not have requirements. They are important because it helps us to understand the Software being tested and why specific functionalities do what they do. When there are no requirements a lot of assumptions are made and defects reported may not be actual defects. This is because we assume the software is doing something that we may not think is logical from a user perspective. We also do not know which areas to test or focus on when it comes to risk management.

How the Requirements are used?

The requirements are used to build test plans, understand the software being tested and build test cases. In the Test plan we are able to advise the client of areas of focus based on risk assessment and what we are able to do for them to ensure the delivery of a quality product.

When to get involved with the requirements?

It is important for Software Testers to be involved from the beginning of the project and when the requirements are gathered. The requirements too can be tested and ensure there is logic to the functional and non-functional requirements. This can help to detect early defects before coding begins. This will help in cost savings for the company and the potential clients.

Jennifer Potter Software Quality Assurance Missing Link Technologies

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