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Records Management

The ever-changing environment of the telecom industry can be a challenge to many when it comes to records management. The technology changes and demand increase causes for difficult decisions and short time-lines to design and implement projects. Working with bad data will only cause delays and errors in the project's execution that involves many departments and resources. The importance of records management becomes crucial to be able to execute projects efficiently and without errors.

Examples of difficulties the Telecom industry has in records management:

  • Documentation Recording every piece of equipment and fiber being installed/removed.

  • Accuracy Working with old unmanaged data.

  • Presentation Manage and monitor the data to drive decisions.

MLT has thrived in this industry because we can review many types of data and use our tools and experience to create efficiencies in our processes. Our clients rely on us to provide quick turn-key solutions so our focus in records management has directly caused us to succeed and deliver; one example of how we used records management to help our clients is Predictive Design. It has allowed us to forecast future capacity and in-turn help our clients execute projects quickly and meet the demand.

Some important factors we use in records management:

  • Clearly document workflow processes for each type of technology. - DWDM, SMFDF, DOCSIS, GPON, and R-PHY, just to name a few.

  • Use tools to showcase the data. - Excel (formulas), Power BI

  • Manage the data in specific metrics to provide monitoring. - Continuously retrieving new data and entering into a Template. - Review and find trends in the data.

Keeping records up-to-date and being creative with how you manage and use the data is beneficial. Being able to clearly document every step on a project and use the data for future projects has helped us incredibly when tasked with many things and tight deadlines. Using tools at hand in a creative way to showcase the data has helped us and our clients complete more projects on-time and with great quality. And lastly, managing the data and monitoring is what prepared us to take on more challenges, more projects, and find higher efficiencies in our workflows.

John Jensen, PTech, Network Technical Lead Missing Link Technologies Ltd

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