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Cyber security. Why Should WE Care?

“It’s not a question of IF your network will be breached, the only question is WHEN”

As Gemalto said in their Breach Level Index Report of 2017. Having a data breach is inevitable, but you can be prepared for the attack and reduce the chances of being breached. Nowadays, new technologies are being used without thinking about the consequences of what will happen when your data is compromised.

When it comes to smart locks, the impact is very big: a data breach could give access to your home. During the “Backdooring the Front Door” talk at DEF CON 24, Jmaxxz showed how easy it was to Backdoor the August Smart Lock. Elevating his guest access to super user allowed him to gain access to the home without the owner being notified. With smart homes becoming more popular, the possibilities of attacks are increasing because these new technologies haven’t been fully or properly tested.

Equifax, a credit score and monitoring company, was exposed to one of the biggest data breaches of 2017. Over 147 million US customers’ data was compromised by this breach. The data included names, dates of birth, social security numbers and other personal information. Basically, this breach included all the information needed for identify theft.

Looking at the Gemalto Breach Level Index Report of 2017, they identified 1765 breaches and roughly 2.6 milion records were lost or stolen. About 96.9% of those breaches didn't have proper encryption.

So what can we do about this? Based on the Gemalto report mentioned, only 3.1% of these breaches had encryption in place. Having proper encryption will reduce the possibility of breaches. By educating your employees on the different types of attacks they are susceptible to, you could reduce their risk of being compromised. Cyber security specialists are now in dire need that will only keep increasing if we don't follow proper security measures.

Ghislain Roy, Software Developer Missing Link Technologies ltd.

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