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MLT Expands its reach in Western Canada

Moncton, NB [March 4, 2021] - Missing Link Technologies Ltd. (MLT) is proud to announce a new strategic partnership with western Canadian allies 617 Data Solutions Inc. and R&G Integrated Solutions Ltd.

As a company with a 20-year history, this partnership is one of MLT’s strategic moves to grow its newest service department, data & analytics.

“This strategic partnership enables 617 Data Solutions Inc. and R&G Integrated Solutions Ltd. as well as MLT to establish a strong footprint in Western Canada by offering MLT’s highly regarded Data & Analytics Services (D&AS) to customers in that region. Establishing a footprint is hard to do on your own. Combining our forces shows that we can do more together than alone.”, says Wilco Van Ginkel, MLT’s D&AS Lead.

Having helped clients leverage their data to find new opportunities for operational efficiency and cost savings, MLT is well equipped to work with western companies struggling to tap into the opportunities within their large amounts of data.

Both Jeff Grossman, Founder and President of 617 Data Solutions Inc., and Vincent Rajic, Founder and President of R&G Integrated Solutions Ltd. are excited to be partnering with Missing Link Technologies on an ambitious journey of growth across Western Canada. In a joint statement, both founders express,

We look forward to helping companies advance their Data & Analytics workflows to better drive business and organizational results. Whether their business is looking for a starting point for its data journey, or simply needs a fresh perspective, we look forward to helping them on their path of accelerating innovation and discovery through data.

On a strategic level, Thomas George, MLT’s CEO believes this partnership signals significant steps towards achieving MLTs long-term goals.

“I am very excited about this partnership, as this is in line with our vision to collaborate with like-minded companies/individuals; I am confident this will be mutually beneficial and most importantly will benefit our clients.”, says the CEO.

About Missing Link Technologies (MLT):

Missing Link Technologies (Ltd.) is a multi-disciplined IT service provider with two decades of network telecommunications experience. MLT has built an innovation-driven technology service business employing over 40 IT professionals with extensive experience and diverse expertise. Due to its strong innovative culture, MLT invests in challenging R&D projects and builds strategic partnerships through its Telecom, Software, and Data and Analytics departments, in order to give its partners and clients, access to more. By continuing to work towards its vision of creating a network of partnerships, MLT aspires to give people the power to improve the world around them.

About R&G Integrated Solutions Ltd.

R&G Integrated Solutions was founded in 2018 by Vincent Rajic. Specializing in business development and project management, R&G Integrated Solutions brings a strategic focus on planning and executing business and sales strategies to improve business performance while exceeding customer expectations.

About 617 Data Solutions Inc.

617 Data Solutions guides its valued customers along their data science journey towards data-driven decision-making. By building a solid and relevant data foundation from day one, 617 Data Solutions sets the stage for actionable intelligence to flourish through data integration, visualization, automation, machine learning, and artificial intelligence.


MLT Data and Analytics Contact:

Wilco Van Ginkel, Data and Analytics Lead

Missing Link Technologies Ltd.

MLT Media Contact:

Nicole Bourque, Marketing Manager Missing Link Technologies Ltd. E:

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Cover Photo by James Wheeler from Pexels

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