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MLT Signs its First US Partnership

Photo by Ryan from Pexels
Photo by Ryan from Pexels

Moncton, NB, June 16, 2021 - Missing Link Technologies Ltd. (MLT) is proud to announce its first strategic partnership in the US with Peake Seismic LLC.

This partnership is part of MLT’s strategic moves to grow its Data & Software division.

“This strategic partnership enables Peake Seismic as well as MLT to establish a strong footprint in Texas (USA) by offering MLT’s highly regarded Software & Data Services to customers in the USA, particularly in the Texas region. Establishing a footprint is hard to do on your own. Combining our forces shows that we can do more together than alone.”, says Wilco Van Ginkel, MLT’s Director of Client Relations.

As MLT continues to help Mid-Size businesses in the Atlantic region bridge the gap between tech and business, the company is primed to work with Texan companies struggling to tap into the opportunities hidden within their organization’s data.

Neil Peake of Peake Seismic believes we have merely scratched the surface of what data is available and what data analytics can do; not just for “big data and big business” but how it can help improve things closer to home. In his statement, Neil expresses

“I’m happy to be joining the MLT family. MLT has the right scale to help a wide range of businesses from small start-ups, to established medium sized businesses that are now looking to find efficiencies in their workflows and production systems. Coming from a geoscience background, I’m used to working with large datasets, and a certain degree of chaos – with MLT we can tame the chaos and put the data to work!”

From a business perspective, Chris Dobson, MLT’s VP of Sales, believes this partnership will be a fantastic growth accelerator.

“We couldn’t be more excited to establish this partnership with Peake Seismic! Strategic partnerships allow us to break down barriers that we weren’t necessarily equipped for in the past. Working closely with Neil will allow both, MLT and Peake Seismic to share MLT’s wealth of services in the Texas area and to grow the footprint of MLT’s already growing portfolio in the Software and Data Analytic space”, says the VP.

About Missing Link Technologies (MLT):

Missing Link Technologies (Ltd.) is a multi-disciplined IT service provider with two decades of network telecommunications experience. Since 2001, MLT has expanded its offerings based on the trends seen in the telecom sector. By tackling chaos head-on, MLT has grown into a team of 50+ professionals with extensive experience in telecom, software, and data. Due to its strong innovative culture, MLT invests in challenging R&D projects and builds strategic partnerships in order to give MSO and SME clients access to more. By continuing to work towards its vision of creating a network of partnerships, MLT aspires to give people the power to improve the world around them.

About Peake Seismic LLC.

Peake Seismic LLC is a geophysical consultancy based in Houston, TX, focusing on seismic data analysis and reservoir characterization.

MLT Data and Software Division Contact:

Wilco Van Ginkel, Director of Client Relations

Missing Link Technologies Ltd.

MLT Media Contact:

Chris Dobson, VP of Sales Missing Link Technologies Ltd. E:

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Blog Photo by Ryan from Pexels

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