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The importance of UX

Application Architecture

A good user experience is important when you create a web app. Aside from the content, that's what makes your web site standout amongst the others. But what should developers focus on when making a website?

Simple design.

Having a simple to use interface will help the user navigate through the app and it's easier to keep the users attention. Having a linear flow will also give an easy and friendly experience to the user.

Load times.

Having short load time makes for a smoother experience. We lead busy lives, and we don't have time, or for some, patience to wait minutes for a page to load or respond; long load times are a good way to lose users.

Consistent design.

Use the same style and flow. If the design isn't consistent, it can confuse the user. Example:  Keeping the confirm and cancel buttons in the same order. If, on one page the devs inverse their order, it could cause issues for the user. Losing progress in a form is really frustrating.


Having a un-responsive page is not great. If a user needs to wait a few seconds or minutes when clicking on buttons or dropdowns, it will discourage them. Same as when you're typing; if there's a delay when you type, it needs to be corrected.

These are simple concepts that developers forget to follow because of time constraints.User experience is important and should always be a focus when developing anything from web site to mobile apps and desktop apps.

Ghislain Roy, Software Developer Missing Link Technologies ltd.

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