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The Ugly Truth About Data

What you wish you knew before taking on data analytics

Trying to get your organization’s data analytics plans and projects up and running?

We will let you in on why the struggle is real and what you can do to get things REALLY started.

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Most organizations only want to focus on the visible and concrete stuff, like cool dashboards, impressive visualizations and flashy reports. The harsh reality is…this is only the last 20% of the actual work. The forgotten or under-estimated 80% is what actually needs to happen with your data before you can even start to think about the remaining 20%.

Here’s what we cover:

Why so many organizations get this wrong

If you feel like you are biting off more than you can chew, you are not alone. We’ll tell you why almost every organization face data-related challenge and why it’s so hard to get REAL & VALUABLE insight.


How to take control

It may seem like there is a lot to take in and it’s easy to get carried away when snazzy graphics make it look so easy. We will discuss how you can manage your data so the challenges that arise don’t manage you.


Where you can start

We will discuss how your organization can successfully move into data analytics by laying out some simple “stakes in the ground” that you can implement quickly.  

Your host:

Wilco Van Ginkel

Data & Analytics Lead

Missing Link Technologies ltd.

A little about Wilco:

Wilco van Ginkel is MLT’s Data & Analytics Lead and a seasoned professional with in-depth knowledge and extensive international working experience in the field of Artificial Intelligence (AI), Data Science, and Cyber Security. He worked at strategic, tactical and operational levels within start-ups as well as in small, medium, and large enterprises. Wilco is the founder of a3i, Seculior, the CSA Dutch Chapter, and co-founder of the CSA Big Data Working Group. He is a frequent speaker, lecturer, and author with a focus on Trusted/Responsible AI and passionate about helping (aspiring) data scientists in their career and professional development.

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