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MLT to Host AI & DataScience Meetup

On October 10th 2018, Missing Link Technologies ltd. (MLT) will host its first Artificial Intelligence & Data Science meet-up in Moncton New Brunswick!

MLT opens its doors to those interested to learn more about Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning or willing to share their procession and data mining experience. 

The event will take place at the Missing Link Technologies office space at 80 on Driscoll Crescent, in Moncton, on October 10th.

This event will include Data Science and AI talks delivered by our speakers, Wilco van Ginkel, CEO and Founder of, Josh Weston of J.D. Irving Ltd as well as MLTs very own Business Intelligence Analyst, Ildar Abdrashitov.

Meetup Agenda:

Trust in AI

Wilco van Ginkel, CEO and Founder of will talk about implementation of AI systems in organizations as well as AI design aspects such as safety, security and explainability.

Exploring deep learning framework

Josh Weston of J.D. Irving Ltd. will be discussing Tensorflow.js, performing speed comparisons to Tensorflow/Keras, and offering integration solutions for your Tensorflow models.

Building recommendation systems

Ildar Abdrashitov from Missing Link Technologies Ltd. will share his experience building recommendation systems based on publicly available data.

*NOTE: Due to space limitation please make sure to RSVP. Also, please cancel your RSVP in case if you will decide not to come

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