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MLT wins Healthy Workplace Award

Updated: Oct 26, 2020

Moncton, NB [October 23rd, 2020] - Missing Link Technologies ltd. (MLT) wins Healthy Workplace award due to strong work culture and resiliency through the COVID-19 Pandemic.

MLT is thrilled to have received the Healthy Workplace at the 35th edition of the Chamber of Commerce for Greater Moncton Business Excellence Awards. This event is the region’s premier business recognition event and the Chamber’s biggest night of the year.

Rachel Leger accepting Healthy Workplace Award

About the award:

The Healthy Workplace award recognizes an organization or a company that excels in offering a better place to work to its employees via programs, raising awareness, and a supportive environment. This award is more important than ever as our region meets the challenge of attracting and retaining talent. Choosing a place to work and a path to a career isn't all about pay and vacation. Companies today have to offer a lot more to attract employees. And some companies in our region excel at creating a work environment where employees can thrive and live well.

MLT was given this recognition as a result of the several programs we have in place geared towards creating a healthy workplace. Our employees are encouraged to do exercise through incentivized programs and fresh fruit is regularly provided to promote healthy eating.

Every Friday, we have Friday Socials where our team gathers for an hour of free time to meet and unwind before the weekend. Our team can work flexible hours from home or at the office. This flexibility paired with the team’s reputable effectiveness has proven to increase our customer satisfaction.

Throughout the pandemic, we have been able to sustain positive morale and have been able to adjust very well to the new normal. In fact, we were able to avoid staffing reductions and grow the team by 40%.

While this year has been very different, we are proud to have an innovative and unique work culture, with members who champion it and a team that lives it.

About MLT:

Missing Link Technologies (ltd.) is an IT and ITC service provider that began as a 4-person team contracted to work on outside plant services for broadband clients. Within its nearly two decades of network telecommunications experience, MLT has built an innovation-driven technology development department employing over 40 IT professionals with extensive experience in a wide variety of technologies. MLT invests in challenging R&D projects that continues to expand its expertise in order to better serve its clients. Today, MLT continues to build strategic partnerships based on its strong innovative culture through its Telecom, Software, and Data and Analytics services. MLT aims to foster a challenging environment that allows its team to thrive so they can bring innovation to its partners and clients.


MLT Media Contact:

Nicole Bourque, Marketing Manager

Missing Link Technologies Ltd.

MLT Sales Contact:

Jack Kingston, VP of Sales

Missing Link Technologies Ltd.

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