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Tips for Storytelling with Data

Updated: May 6, 2021

Impactful data storytelling is gold to business success but could be a major blocker if not done properly. People are talking about data visualization but doesn’t bring the full value of data storytelling.

Visuals enlighten the data processing for human brains, but some minds cannot process analytical visuals.The narrative explains the data processing for human brains, but some minds cannot capture the full intent of the text.Annotated Visuals from trusted data points engages a wider audience to help them make an informed change.

Data Storytelling is exactly that: How to bring insight from data to engage an audience to do more.

Please keep in mind that there are 4 major personality types that form an audience. Each respective types talks and process information differently, so make sure your message resonates with all of them. You never know who will be making an action/decision based on your findings.


They are quick to make a decision, so 3 to 5 facts is all they need.

  • What it does (Scope)

  • When (Time)

  • How much (Cost)


They need time and space to think and process, so datasheets, whitepapers, and many facts are what they need.

  • How it works (detailed)

  • Justification (deep charts)

  • No emotions


They need validation from others, so personal success stories matters.

  • People’s opinion

  • Benefits to others

  • Avoiding conflicts


They need social evidence, so references and testimonials are important.

  • Big picture

  • Benefits to them

  • Who uses it

So take the time to bring insight from the rich data collected via storytelling form. It could be as easy as a decision tree/flow chart, an annotated dashboard, or infographic.

Time is of the essence, people need to make many decisions per day, so make it easy on them.

Keep it clear and concise. #TheParadoxOfChoice – Less is More

What are your tips to Data Storytelling?


Charles Gervais Missing Link Technologies

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