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MLT President Receives the NBCC Alumni Recognition Award for Business Leadership

MLT President receives the NBCC Alumni Recognition Award for Business Leadership

On September 28, Charles Gervais, President of Missing Link Technologies, received the NBCC Alumni Recognition Award for Business Leadership. Charles graduated from NBCC in 2001 with a degree in Computer Systems Technician and in 2002 with a degree in Network, Design, & Administration Technology.

“This award recognizes an alumna or alumnus who has made their own mark by applying their talents towards building or leading a successful business.”

In 2003, Charles Gervais walked into Missing Link Technologies Ltd. (MLT) as a technologist. In less than a decade he became the owner and president of the company. Under his leadership, MLT’s revenues have grown nearly 350% and its workforce has tripled – including hiring many NBCC Alumni.  It’s worth noting that more than 25% of MLT’s employees are women, well above the average in the tech sector. Charles has expanded opportunities beyond New Brunswick’s Borders. His vision of international growth led MLT to sign a partnership with Africa Emerging Markets Atlantic Canada. As a result of this strategic partnership, MLT carried out a successful project for the presidential office in the Republic of Benin and is also growing in Senegal (1).

Image: (Left to Right) Marilyn Luscombe (NBCC CEO), Charles Gervais (MLT President), L. Paul Eliot (Chair of the Board, NBCC)

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