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MLT Turns 18!

Since I started with Missing Link Technologies (MLT) in early July, I have been asked several occasions, what does MLT do? Since today is MLT’s 18th birthday, and it also coincides with the beginning of our new Fiscal year, I thought it was timely to share what MLT is all about and where we are headed.

Firstly, MLT is built around its people. The purpose of MLT is to “Create a challenging environment to actualize on human potential”. These are not just buzzwords, it’s evident in the culture of the entire team including the shareholders. It is an elemental belief within our culture.

MLTs vision is “To be the leading innovative company in New Brunswick”. Innovation is in MLT’s DNA, everything we do here is innovative. For instance, since 2018, members of the MLT team have created New-Brunswick’s first and only AI and Machine Learning Meetup. The next meetup is happening later this month, on September 26th, at the MLT office. If you are near the greater Moncton area, you are welcome to join. if you are unable to attend in person, the event will

be live-streamed and posted on YouTube and LinkedIn.

"As we plan to bring innovation to our partners and clients, we have a great year ahead of us with end

less opportunities."

Thomas George, CEO Missing Link Technologies Ltd.

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