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MLT is Celebrating 16 Years

Missing Link Technologies celebrates 16 years this September. In 2001 the company began its journey delivering outside plant services to broadband clients with only 4 employees: Paul Godbout as president and founder, with Technical Resources Doug McCluskey, Pierre Fournier, and Paul Franklin. Since then, MLT has grown to 38 full time resources and counting.

The company is at an important time in its history. MLT is utilizing the knowledge and talent within the company to develop intelligent solutions and services with new international business opportunities in sight. None of which would be possible without the hard work and dedication of MLTs excellent team.

In light of its 16 years, during this month of celebration, MLT would like to showcase the people who continue to help the company move to the next level. To see who works behind the scenes at MLT, visit our social media platforms this month where, as of September 1st, we are launching our #MLTFaces campaign. Everyday, two or three of our fantastic team members will be featured on our social media platforms. Send them some well deserved recognition by liking, sharing and retweeting their spotlight bios on Facebook and Twitter.

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